Library Planning + Design

Is my library right-sized for my community?

With FEH’s Library Space Planning Tool, you can find out how much square footage you need. Our tool considers various factors such as service population, collections, technology, specialty spaces, seating, programming, and more to provide an accurate summary of your space needs.

How does my library compare to state and national standards?

FEH Design’s Library Space Planning Tool will provide a structured comparison.

How do I access the planning tool?

All you need to do is contact our library planners, and they will guide you through the information needed to complete the assessment. 

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FEH Design loves libraries!

Our Library Space Planning Tool is an innovative solution that provides libraries with a detailed analysis of their space requirements. This tool has been designed to help libraries optimize their space usage and determine the most efficient space allocation for their collections, study areas, reading rooms, and other facilities.


The design of each library is a unique process that is tailored to the needs of its community. Libraries are facilities that are constantly evolving to keep up with the changes in services, media, and culture. A well-planned library is able to anticipate these changes and is flexible enough to accommodate shifting needs.

Sun Prairie Library

Library Architecture Key Focuses


Reflects the community and encourages engagement and learning.


Allows for continuous change with multi-use spaces while providing a variety of furnishings for all ages and abilities.


Intregrates today’s tech and is adaptable for future technological advancements.


Minimizes operating costs. integrates green design and daylighting.

Ready to see your library results?

Our Library Space Planning Tool is an essential resource for libraries that are looking to improve their space utilization and optimize their facilities. By using this tool, libraries can make data-driven decisions and ensure that their space is being used effectively to meet the needs of their patrons.