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Getting Started

The campaign process will be most successful when it is community driven…

Getting Started

To get there the public must be engaged in a problem assessment and solving process with as large and diverse a group of participants as possible.

The Planning Process

Most people have never been involved and do not understand the do’s and don’ts of bond referendum campaigns…

The Planning Steps

FEH can provide multiple levels of support ranging from behind the scenes managing of the entire campaign to providing you with an a-la-cart menu of specific campaign related services that best meet your needs.


We can help you with the informational collateral needed to help get your message across…


This includes web presence, images, brochures, posters and flyers. These are developed using data from the district and bond/financial consultants. These pieces come throughout the campaign and help create a clear consistent message which is very important.

how can we work with you

survey & research

Whether by paper or email, surveying the public is important decision making research. FEH can create the survey and distribute to the public.

organize & recruit

Bond Referendums take a team effort  and we can assist in finding the right team to inform the public.

FEH Design Architects

coordinate & consult

FEH has worked with multiple bond consultants in the Midwest, have a good relationships with them, and will coordinate with their resources to best serve your bond needs.

FEH Design Okoboji Middle School Iowa

graphics & floor plans

Imagery allows voters to see your vision. FEH can create floor plans, realistic renderings or virtural fly-throughs as key pieces to relay your vision.


Presentations bring your message to the voters. FEH is available to serve in many capacities in any size or format of meeting. We often serve as an unbiased presenter, or as a facilitator for another presenter.

FEH Design Bond Referendum

brochures & videos

Brochures, mailers and videos communicate your message. Our team of graphic designers will assist you in designing these important communication pieces.

FEH Design Bond Referendum

media management

Social media plays a huge roll in bond campaigns. FEH will assist your communications staff in keeping a consistent message from the beginning to the end of the campaign. We have hosted these sites for some owners.

get out the vote

Getting out the vote begins with absentee voting and ends on election day. FEH’s staff is on hand to assist with a list of services to aid in getting people to the polls.

Successful bond campaigns are the result of a community that is ...

engaged & empowered

Engaged in the process not simply involved.

Empowered to research, analyze and synthesize the program, technology and facility needs.

energized & entrusted

Energized to take action.

Entrusted to establish a plan that provides for the holistic integration of vision, program, facilities, infrastructure, operations and funding.

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educated & experienced

Educated on the process, the proposed project, the benefits of a YES vote and the real consequences of voting NO (its impact on their personal lives).

Our experienced team has over 20 years of experience with over 40 questions in three states Iowa, Illinois and

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