Master planning

Successful projects begin with a clear and thoughtful plan.

Together, we can create a master plan that is the best evaluation of space suitability, accommodates intended functions, and permits efficient and effective circulation patterns.
Renovations, Additions, Campuses...

Your project deserves a master plan

Comprehensive site and floor planning benefits projects both large and small. An architectural master plan establishes the style and aesthetic of the project while planning for the future. During the FEH process, we take into account all aspects of the project, including budgetary, structural requirements, shapes, views, and other design options. You can plan on being invited to the design table as many of our master planning projects involve a Spark Session!

Planning, together.

Our process inherently engages people to the point that all participants become idea generators and analyzers.

  • “A master plan serves as a blueprint for the future expansion of an organization and must be directly tied to your core goals. It will identify economic and other factors such as infrastructure development, planning, acquisition, and sustainability. As architects, engineers, and interior designers we will help develop and shape these factors.”

    Gregg Baum, AIA
    Project Manager, Architect
  • “Master planning helps everyone understand where the project is heading. A great plan allows clients to avoid making short term decisions that may negatively impact long range goals. Master plans are not static, but rather, dynamic documents that can be updated as circumstances change and ideas evolve.”

    John Karrmann, AIA
    Vice President, Architect

Let's start planning!