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Locations: Sioux City, Des Moines, Dubuque, Iowa and Milwaukee, Wisconsin

We are looking for licensed architects to serve as project managers. Excellence in communication skills and client interactions required. Qualified candidates must possess a strong portfolio of projects showing creativity, problem solving, and leadership. Stock ownership is available!

Location: Milwaukee, Wisconsin

We are looking to add to our vibrant marketing team with a candidate that is highly motivated, processes strong organizational skills, is detail-oriented, and can deliver brilliant, creative ideas. Skills should include marketing, content planning, writing, and editing capability.

Jacob Fleming
Location: Milwaukee, Wisconsin

We are seeking architecture college graduates! You will have the opportunity to work on a wide variety of project types. Through our mentoring process, you will gain first-hand experience in all the AXP categories helping you through the licensure process.

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FEH Design
creating vibrant communities through

collaborative design

At FEH Design, it is our mission to create a better world through design. Every team member brings unique talents to the table, and together we are creating vibrant communities through collaborative design. FEH Design is a firm that has been built with the growth and success of its team members.


Career Training

FEH Design understands that our professionals are the future of our firm and puts forth effort to allow all staff to find career training outside of the office, in addition to career training in-house. FEH has developed monthly career training seminars that include the entire firm and discuss a range of topics that will have an impact on employees’ futures. Whether it be project management, marketing, software, or even legal training, FEH does all it can to provide learning opportunities to cater to team growth.

Training Designer
FEH Design Des Moines

Work Hours

FEH Design has implemented a flexible work hour policy that allows all staff to determine a regular, weekly schedule that best suits their personal circumstances, lifestyle, and family needs.

Along with FEH Design’s flexible work hours policy, employees may also earn compensation time off. This benefit helps our team members achieve a more balanced work life. 


Community Organizations

FEH Design understands that team member growth of all types is beneficial to our firm and to the culture of the industry. Our teammates are encouraged to participate as active members of professional and community organizations of their choice. This may include organizations such as the AIA, CIAS, IAF and others related to the industry, but also others outside of it, such as young professional organizations, Chambers of Commerce, or various non-profit boards. 

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Parental Leave

Both maternal, paternal, and non-birth parent leave is very important to our company culture - allowing those expanding families the time they need to fully care for children.


Full-time employees are eligible to participate in our firm’s profit sharing plan. And, we encourage our staff to take part in our 401K plan! 

Stock Holder Options

Stock ownership is both an incentive for team members to grow professionally and be recognized for the value they bring to the firm.

Teammate Testimonials

  • FEH Design helped me reach my AXP goals and provides me flexibility to balance my work and home life.

    Kim Bellmann
    Kim Bellman, AIA
    Assoc. Principal, Architect
  • Working with FEH is accelerating my career forward. Since joining, I have had every opportunity given to me that I could ask for. The staff are quick to assist me as I learn. On top of that, everyone is friendly and shares a strong team spirit.

    Patrick Schnell
    Patrick Schnell, AIA
  • FEH allowed me to broaden my work responsibilities and explore new markets that were not beyond my skill set. It’s great to be able to help communities with bond referendums.

    Katie Stork
    Katie Stork
    Creative Communications and Campaign Leader
  • I have grown in my tenure with FEH to come a Principal Architect and look forward to what is yet to come!

    Christy Monk
    Christy Monk, AIA
    Principal, Architect
  • It’s a pleasure to be able to work with so many talented, smart, and fun people day in and day out. 

    Bryan Blair
    Bryan Blair, SE
    Principal, Structural Engineer

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