Gregg’s many years of experience includes award-winning specialty museums and libraries. He enjoys creating vibrant communities by providing spaces that function brilliantly and delight the eye.

Q&A with Architect Gregg

Tell us about your favorite project that you have worked on … My last project is always my favorite because it is built upon all my previous project experience. The Schreiner Memorial Library in Lancaster, Wisconsin is special because it engaged the entire community, over many years, before it was realized. I really got to know the community, civic leaders, library staff and library patrons throughout the design, fundraising campaign and building construction which made it very personal. I stay in touch with many of them.

Tell us what inspires you … I have always admired the work of Frank Lloyd Wright because he had a unique ability to combine architecture with technology and nature in a new and creative expression.

Tell us about your favorite hobby outside the office … I really enjoy nature so whether it is rockhounding, gardening, mountain biking or golfing; I am all in.

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