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Elliot Carlovsky

EIT Structural Designer

A little about me

What made you decide on your career path… When I first arrived at college all I knew is that I wanted to practice some kind of engineering. UW-Platteville helped to expose me to each type of engineering and I settled on a Civil-Structural Degree. What really drew me into this was the idea that each project would pose its own challenges and provide a great learning experience, plus at the end you get to see what you’ve worked on built and used by the public.

Favorite hobby outside of the office… When I’m outside the office I like to garden, my garden usually consists of a wide variety of hot peppers and tomatoes. I like to cross-breed my peppers to make new varieties and use them to make my own hot sauces and salsas year round.

Love most about FEH Design… FEH Design is a very open office environment, everyone on the team works together to put out the best designs we can. Each day is a new learning experience.