Kingsley-Pierson Gymnasium and Fitness Center

Kingsley-Pierson Community School District    /    Kingsley, Iowa

FEH Design designed Kingsley-Pierson Community School District’s original building in 1975. Over the years, our team has returned to the site for various projects. FEH is passionate about educational design and continuing our relationships with long-term clients.

This addition included a competition gym, community fitness center, locker rooms, and a large lobby with grand windows. The spaces feature black and gold mascot environmental graphics showcasing school pride. Inside the gym is a motorized drop-down American flag donated by the community. And those panther eyes under the basketball hoop – they glow in the dark!

The building’s exterior features large graphics, color changing LED spotlights, and a glowing paw print.

Awards / 2021 Excellence in Construction Award from Siouxland Construction Alliance

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