Lexa Skov

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Sioux City Office
1201 4th Street, Suite 201
Sioux City, IA 51101

712  252  3889

Lexa Skov

EIT, Structural Designer

A little about me

Tell us what your go-to snack is that you hide in your desk at work …  I have two go-to snacks hidden in my desk… First, I always stay stocked up on barbeque veggie chips. Don’t knock it until you try it!! So good!! Second, peanut butter is one of my favorite foods, so that’s usually in there too.

Tell us what you love the most about working at FEH DESIGN … What I love most about FEH Design is the people! Everyone makes work so fun! The people at FEH love and care about what they do, and it’s contagious.

Tell us about your favorite hobby outside of the office … My favorite hobby outside of the office is anything DIY/crafting. A lot of my free time is spent looking up things on Pinterest and turning those things into reality!