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Sioux City Office
1201 4th Street, Suite 201
Sioux City, IA 51101

712  252  3889


Structural Team Support / Director of Goodness (D.O.G.)

A little about me

Tell us something unique about yourself that no one would guess … My middle name is Arwen, after my momma!

Tell us what you love the most about working at FEH Design … Everyone is so friendly and loves to see me when I come visit! And, the office is way bigger than my living room, so I can run all over the place and visit all my work friends!

Tell us about your favorite hobby outside of the office … I love being the neighborhood watch for bunnies and squirrels, playing in the snow, and ripping the squeakers out of my toys!

Tell us about your biggest pet peeve … Either when Archie (my cat brother) eats my food after he eats his too fast, or when mom tells me I can’t drink the toilet water.