Director of Goodness

Jersey is a curious engineer in training. She enjoys exploring the office and protecting her teammates from package deliveries. 

Q&A with D.O.G. Jersey

What does an office day of a structural engineering dog look like?

As a structural engineering D.O.G., I spend most of my time supervising my coworkers (and smelling their trash cans), and making sure the delivery people don’t get too far in the door. Its hard work, but someone’s gotta do it!

What does Director of Goodness (D.O.G.) mean to you?

I don’t really know how I got the title – all I know is that my coworkers love to see me and give me belly rubs. In return, I keep up the team morale!

What makes Siouxland a great place to live?

I’ve made a lot of good dog friends here in Sioux City, and my mom and dad bring me lots of places to visit, like dog parks, nature trails, and the rivers and lakes around us.

fast facts

Nickname: Jerby. Jerbz. Little Stinker.

Office: Sioux City.

Breed: Aussiedoodle.

Age: 2

Tricks: Sit. Lay Down. Shake. Spin. High Five.

Personality: Spunky.

Hobby: Chewing up throw pillows. Barking at squirrels.

Vacation: Anywhere away from my brother, Archie the cat.

Music: Classical.

Mail Carrier: The UPS guys really get me going.

Treat: Pigs ears or antlers.

Office Nap Spot: No thanks; I run laps.


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