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Robert Bartlett

AIA, Architect

A little about me

Tell us what made you decide on your career path … My parents were constantly remodeling our house. I always had definite opinions on colors and finishes and my parents started listening to me at a very early age. They added a family room on to the house when I was 16, and I drew the plans. They built a vacation home in the Ozarks and I designed that too. It just seemed like that was what I was meant to do.

Tell us about your favorite project that you have worked on … St. Mark Lutheran Church Sanctuary Addition and Remodeling – it was a very dark space and we completely transformed it by adding natural light. And, Haiku – getting to design an entire restaurant and bar where everything is backlit with blue LED lights was really fun!

Tell us what your super power or name would be if you could be a super hero … Most super powers involve tight spandex suits with no pockets which is NOT for me. If time travel can be a super power, I would like to do that. Think of the places you could see and the people you could meet!