Kemin Industries

Worldwide Headquarters    /    Des Moines, Iowa

Kemin Industries, a bioscience company which develops molecular solutions that provide nutrition and health benefits for humans and animals on a global platform, chose FEH to design its new worldwide headquarters in Des Moines. Kemin desired a facility that would reflect its connection to its roots in Iowa’s capital city while also demonstrating the company’s innovation and the value it places on its employees and community. The new headquarters facility is an expansion of Kemin’s Molecular Advancement Center Research Lab and provides a variety of work environments that range from highly-focused research / writing spaces to highly collaborative interactive environments that foster interactions between the varied business units. The design of the Headquarters facility takes advantage of the site’s prominent location along the new ML King Parkway corridor which connects to the Des Moines central business district and provides views to the State Capitol. The Kemin Industries Worldwide Headquarters is a prominent “Gateway” project welcoming people into Des Moines while showcasing one of Iowa’s leading companies.

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