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Des Moines Office
604 East Grand Avenue
Des Moines, IA 50309

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John Karrmann

AIA, LEED AP, Vice President, Architect

A little about me

Tell us something unique about yourself that no one would guess … I can play the 5-string banjo, not well, but can play. It’s on my list of things to master.

Tell us what made you decide on your career path … I couldn’t hit left-hand pitching (or right-hand for that matter), too wimpy for sports, get queasy at the sight of blood, disliked literature and writing courses … just odd enough to think I could be an architect.

Tell us what you love the most about working at FEH Design … The wide range of projects we get to design and the unique personalities of the staff.

Tell us someone that inspires you … Anyone that will go out of their way or out of their comfort zone to help someone. We all have the ability to inspire someone at any time and in any place. Got inspiration?