In Memoriam

Ron Speckmann, AIA

(1958 – 2021)

Brother, Husband, Dad, Grandpa, Riverboat Captain, Vice President, Principal, Office Manager, Architect… Friend

Words alone will never do Ron justice… he was the best of every category, every genre. He was a doting father, grandfather, and husband, a passionate and detailed architect, an entertaining joke-teller, an avid river-rider, a compassionate leader, a die-hard Cyclones fan, and a dang good guy.

His legacy lives on in the lives he touched and the buildings he designed.

In their own words

Ron was a leader, but he was also a friend. Here is what our FEH team had to say about Ron.
  • He was a good one – the kind who is welcoming, patient, supportive, encouraging, steady, and thoughtful. Looking out for all of his team with a humbleness and calmness in his leadership style that was comforting.  He was simply and honestly Ron.  He was also a humorous one that kept things lively with his office banter amongst staff, pranks, and his ability to laugh at life.  Ron, because of all that you’ve shared with those around you, your story isn’t over…

    Kathy Erion
  • I knew Ron before he was “the boss”, working in the ”bullpen” with him, Matt, and Toi later (pictures of this might just be considered evidence!). We had so many crazy and fun conversations and laughed through our days. Funny how productive we actually were. I think our chatter and jokes just became a natural part of our office background noise. While Ron’s position changed, he never did. I have never had anything but respect for him. I will always remember him fondly.

    Traci Trampe
  • I remember early in my days at FEH, Ron showing me a funny file on his computer of all the different types of farts and what they meant. I knew immediately that I was always going to like working with Ron. He was unfailingly kind, compassionate, and fun! And he was as humble as they come, whether he was one of the young guys at the company back when I started in 1998 or one of the top guys in his later years. Ron was just a great guy and will be missed so much.

    Judy Bauman
  • If you are lucky in your life, you meet someone like Ron…..If you are truly blessed, you get to work with someone like him every day.  His calm demeanor in our crazy, often confrontational profession was refreshing.  He truly cared greatly about everyone he met regardless of their professional ‘position’.  He did not judge people or criticize them in private, and he saw their value and I believe liked everyone he met.  I will always cherish the discussions we had while riding in his pickup to and from projects or while standing at my desk after hours.  The highest compliment I could give him is he reminded me of my own father.  He truly was one of the ‘good guys’ in this world.  I will always consider him one of my dearest friends.  God Bless….and rest in peace… friend.


    Scott Anderson
  • It’s hard to put Ron into words because words will never do him justice… he was the best of every category, every genre. He was a doting father, grandfather, and husband, a passionate architect, an entertaining joke-teller, an avid river-rider, a compassionate leader, a die-hard Cyclones fan, and the best damn drinking buddy you wish you never had. The hole that Ron left is far-reaching. I was lucky enough to know Ron for two short years, and I’m going to miss the calm before the chaos that was our 7am-8am every weekday. I’m going to miss the daily, “How we doin’ today, Ron”, followed by the variety of responses that started our days on a positive note.

    Lexa Skov
  • We pray for peace and comfort for Deb, the family and all who were touched by our great friend Ron. He will be missed more than most will ever know by all of us at FEH DESIGN. We are heartbroken by this loss. Ron’s smile, laugh, relaxed way and kind heart will be an inspiration for us as we continue our work. May he rest in Peace.

    Matt Basye
  • The first time I met Ron was at the 2014 FEH party in Dubuque.  I had just started working as a summer intern a few weeks before the party and I was so nervous to make a good first impression.  I desperately tried to memorize all of the partner’s names off the website and for some reason I never had an issue remembering Ron’s name.  Just in his photo he looked happy and kind and even reminded me a bit of Ryan Stiles from “Whose Line Is It Anyway?”  Of course, since it was a Dubuque party, Wacky Bowling was involved, and I didn’t have a partner.  Luckily, Ron offered to be my partner and so just a few weeks in to working at FEH Ron and I were skipping down the bowling lanes, arm in arm, trying to knock down some pins instead of people.  It was the best introduction to this family of FEH I could have ever asked for and Ron was a huge part of that.  I wish I had had a chance to work with him more over the years, but I will never forget his kind and funny demeanor making a young and intimidated summer intern feel welcome.

    Emily Sewell
  • Oh, how I would I try (and fail, then laugh) to push the boss’ buttons. Captain Ron was just too chill. I going to miss catching him off guard (that was his best authentic laugh), our talks on road trips, going out for a drink after a project interview, calling him “okay, dad!” when he did something parent-like, leaving a Twin Bing on his desk, fixing his Word docs, fixing his Outlook calendar, fixing his computer, fixing his phone, (haha, technology, man), ordering him a #10, no tomato, from Jimmy John’s when a morning meeting rolled into lunch, reminding him not to cuss when we visit our church clients… But mostly I’ll miss his presence. Ron was a presence. He wasn’t the loud guy in the room, but you knew he was there because people gravitated to him. Everyone wanted to be his friend. And I’m lucky I got to experience his friendship while he was here.

    His legacy lives on in the lives he touched and the buildings he designed.

    Alyssa Utech
  • He was always the calm, no matter the storm and such a great listener. He has touched and impacted so many lives… Never forgotten but deeply missed!

    Toni Olson
    Toni Olson
  • Ron, you will be truly missed in the office. From the Monsters, Speckmann Specials, easy going attitude, and roofing knowledge.  I am so glad I had the past 7 years to work with you and learn from you. We will all miss you, Captain!

    Brittney Ruba
  • Working with Ron was a pleasure, and I enjoyed working with him on the FEH DESIGN leadership Team. Wishing your family comfort and strength for the days and weeks ahead. We’ll be praying for all of you.

    Rick Snyder
  • Captain Ron was one of my favorite people in the office when I worked at FEH. He always had a smile on his face and always loved a good joke. 

    Stacey Eben
  • Ron will certainly be missed, he was one of the GOOD ONES. We need to remember that impish smile of his. He is still taking care of us, just like he always has. Because that is what family does!

    Don Seymour

Notable Projects

Ron left his mark on the world, not only through his deeds and actions, but through the built environment.
Sioux City Iowa Fire Station

Fire Station #3

Sioux City, Iowa

Fire Station #4

Sioux City, Iowa

Newell-Fonda CSD

Newell, Iowa
Tyson Events Center

Yearly Roofing Projects for Sioux City CSD

Sioux City, Iowa

Tyson Events Center and Roofing

Sioux City, Iowa

Sioux Central CSD

Sioux Rapids, Iowa

captain in action

Ron was truly a one-of-a-kind leader who made the office environment a fun place to be!