From D.C. to DSM, Nick came back to his Midwestern roots to raise his family and share his creative energy. His designs thoughtfully create genuine communities.

Q&A with Architect Nick

How did you decide on your career path?

As a child, my family would visit an Ozark resort with unique, octagonal condos with a loft that overlooked the living spaces. This kind of architecture, along with the various forts that we would build, opened my mind to the potential for architecture to craft a unique experience. Much later, while living in the dorms at the University of Missouri – Rolla, I experienced how powerful and life-changing genuine community and proximity can be. Since then, I’ve been inspired by New Urbanism and its potential to provide social sustainability through placemaking.

What is your favorite part of the design process?

Schematic design is my favorite part of design, because I get to learn about the client’s vision and partner with them in developing those dreams and goals into reality.

How are you creating vibrant communities through design?

I’m passionate about creating space for a community to come together. To me, this not only includes an analysis of the client’s vision, goals, and program, but also careful consideration of the site context as it relates to and compliments its community.

Where is your favorite place to visit in the Midwest?

Most of my family lives in New Town at St. Charles, MO. Every time I visit, I’m inspired by the focus on public amenities and placemaking strategies such as human-scaled streetscapes, plazas, and patios; various-sized parks including pocket parks, playgrounds, and large parks; a commercial core with amphitheater; and extensive water features including fountains, canals, ponds, and beaches.

Contact Info

Des Moines Office
604 East Grand Avenue
Des Moines, IA 50309

515  288  2000

fast facts

Family: Wife, kids, and the family dog.

Personality: Encouraging goofball.

Drink: Pepsi Zero.

College Mascot: Wildcats.

Hobbies: Camping, hiking, airsoft, RC cars/planes, jeeping, traveling.

Vacation: Mountains, beach, or city… Let’s Go! 

Hero: Jesus.

Binge: Jericho, Psych, HIMYM, The Office, Parks & Rec.

Music: Christian Rock.

16 Personalities: ENFJ Protagonist.

First Car: ’95 Taurus SHO.

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