Mitchell County Courthouse

Osage, Iowa

The original Courthouse building, built in the late 1850’s, received multiple additions throughout multiple decades and was in disrepair. FEH DESIGN performed a structural assessment to determine the structural integrity and deficiencies of the historic structure. As a result of the assessment, the County closed the Courthouse to any further use and services were relocated. With the current building no longer in use, the County and FEH DESIGN developed plans for a new Courthouse facility on the site of the existing Courthouse. In keeping with the historical integrity and significance of the former courthouse building, FEH designed a facility that would not only meet the needs of a 21st century Courthouse but also celebrate the former building with a similar historic design. A new two-story structure with full basement (with 10,700 sf per floor) was designed. The new courthouse was designed to be a recognizable and long-lasting building, with added wall and roof insulation, more durable materials, a geothermal heating and cooling system and a timeless aesthetic. Exterior materials reminiscent of the former courthouse were used including brick walls with stone elements as well as a cupola. The existing Veteran’s Memorial, a community feature, will be relocated on-site and augmented with materials reclaimed from the former courthouse.

PARTNER ARCHITECT  Ray Greco    /    MEP ENGINEER  KCL Engineering    /    CIVIL ENGINEER  Yaggy Colby    /    GENERAL CONTRACTOR  Henkel Construction Company    /    PHOTOGRAPHY  Design Photography