Associate Principal, Financial Manager

As financial manager, Kay keeps the lights on and the files organized. She is our champion behind the scenes! Equally in-demand at home, this mom of four boys is happiest on the beach (or boat) with a good book.

Q&A with Financial Manager Kay

How did you decide on your career path?

I took an accounting class in high school, more or less because I had a spot for it in my schedule. The class just clicked with my personality, and I loved how everything balanced and flowed. Who doesn’t love debits and credits?   

What is your favorite part of the design process?

While I’m not involved in the design process, per se, it’s meaningful for me to be part of a team that loves their jobs so much. I enjoy seeing staff get excited about what they’re designing.

How are you creating vibrant communities through design?

I’ve lived in Cascade, Iowa my whole life and am incredibly proud to work for an organization that positively impacts the place my sons, nieces and nephews are being raised. I was able to be involved in a Spark session in my community, and I loved telling my family and friends about all the wonderful things FEH does.

Where is your favorite place to visit in the Midwest?

Mississippi River, hands down. We used to own a boat and loved to be on the river with friends. It’s such a wonderful part of nature that we get to see and use on a regular basis.   

Contact Info

Dubuque Office
951 Main Street
Dubuque, IA 52001

563  583  4900

fast facts

Family: Husband Donnie and four boys.

Pet: A cat named Penny.

Drink: Start with a Diet Pepsi and end with an Ultra.

Personality: Mostly introvert. Loves to laugh.

College Mascot: Duhawk.

Vacation: Take me to the Beach. Any beach!

Karaoke: Jesse’s Girl.

Binge: Downton Abbey.

Team: Iowa Hawkeyes.

Podcast: American History Tellers.

Zodiac Sign: Sagittarius.

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