Director of Goodness

Emma is our original Director of Goodness. Like her dad, she was born to be an architect and a community high-fiver! 

Q&A with D.O.G. Emma

What does an office day of an architecture dog look like?

Several perimeter checks, the occasional nap, and checking of all waste baskets for old pizza crusts. Sometimes I even bark at the delivery drivers.

What does Director of Goodness (D.O.G.) mean to you?

Boosting the moral of the office is a task I take very seriously, so I make sure I greet everyone with a big smile a rapidly wagging tail. Everyone at the office is very friendly and seems to appreciate my approach to my work. A well-performing office needs to be fulfilled with goodness!

What makes Des Moines a great place to live?

Des Moines is increasingly dog-friendly and has many great parks and recreational opportunities. My papa Cory takes me on all kinds of adventures where I get to run, swim, and play in the mud – Des Moines is so much fun!

fast facts

Nickname: Bear.

Office: Des Moines.

Breed: White Lab.

Age: 8.

Trick: Eating off your plate when you’re not looking.

Personality: Fun-loving.

Hobby: Dock Diving.

Vacation: Anywhere in the Scamp (camper).

Music: Cory’s drums.

Toy: Plush camper toy.

Mail Carrier: UPS.

Treat: Peanut butter.

Office Nap Spot: Wherever ‘in the way’ is.

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