Urbandale Fire Station No. 43

Urbandale, Iowa

Experiencing an increase in population on the far end of the City, the Urbandale community and the Fire Station 42 location were experiencing longer response times. The Fire Department decided a satellite facility would meet the need of servicing this area of the community and provide some much-needed training space.

To achieve the first goal of faster response times, the location of the facility was carefully chosen for its proximity to areas of growth and expansion in the City and to give the Fire Department the quickest access to main roads thus reducing response times.  

Their ultimate goal was to Integrate training spaces into the design of the building. This included spaces for dark training, balcony training, hose training. and roof training on the exterior of the building. Different roof types were used for this purpose. The site design was considered so trucks and ladders could be used during training exercises.

The outcome has been a beautiful, new sustainable building that meets the needs of the fire department and the Urbandale community.

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