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Rachel Segerstrom

Associate IIDA, Interior Designer

A little about me

Tell us what/where is your favorite place to draw inspiration … Traveling has been my favorite way to draw inspiration. I’ve had the opportunity to live in Japan and Italy for a couple of different summers while I was in college. Those travels allowed me to see and do things you only dream about doing living in the Midwest. I get completely blown away by the landscape, architecture and culture of different cities and countries, so gaining inspiration from those elements to incorporate into a project is just an added bonus!

Tell us what made you decide on your career path … I always enjoyed classes in school when I got to be creative.

Tell us about your favorite hobby outside of the office … My favorite hobby outside the office is probably working out! I enjoy teaching group fitness classes, going on hikes, to the gym, playing a pick-up game of sand volleyball, etc. I was always super involved and competitive with sports in school, but now staying active daily is just a way to set aside a little time for myself.