Old Mitchell County Courthouse Demolition

Osage, Iowa

The Original Mitchell County Courthouse was constructed in three different time periods. The main core was constructed in the late 1850’s with 2-story additions constructed on the east and west sides around 1880. An addition was constructed to the south in the mid 1920’s. These components are the extent of the building included on the National Historic Register. A final addition was added in the mid 1970’s on the south side. The courthouse was insufficient in size to address the current needs of the county for court services and for county public office services. In 2012, FEH performed a structural assessment to determine the structural integrity and deficiencies of the historic structure. As a result of the assessment, the County closed the Courthouse to any further use and services were relocated. The Courthouse had significant areas of hazardous materials that were abated as part of the demolition and deconstruction efforts. With a sustainable demolition process, FEH was able to achieve a 84% diversion rate from the landfill. FEH DESIGN also designed and constructed a NEW COURTHOUSE for Mitchell County on the same site immediately following the demolition.