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Michelle Cramblit

IIDA, Principal, Registered Interior Designer

A little about me

Tell us something unique about yourself that no one would guess … I’m a Master Gardener.  I’ve always enjoyed planting things and watching them grow. There is an authentic beauty in planting something and nurturing it until harvest. Through the MG volunteering and continuing education programs, I’ve had the opportunity to be more involved in my community and learn more with every project.

Tell us about someone that inspires you … I’m inspired most by my mom & her strength, she has always been the foundation of our family. Moving to the United States from Mexico City as a young woman to take a job she worked hard for and to get married, she left all she had ever known – her family and friends, her culture and language. She worked very hard to provide for our family even when times were tough, making sure we never felt like we went without and always putting others first.