Intern Architect

Growing up in the cheese capital of the world (hello, Plymouth!), Brady is a fan of all-things Wisconsin, including the great outdoors and the Packers. The diverse architecture of Wisconsin’s cities and small towns inspired his journey to join the FEH team. While Brady works on his licensure, you can also find him playing the occasional round of golf or wine-tasting with his family.

Q&A with Architect Brady

How did you decide on your career path?

My grandfather, who was an engineer, really inspired me. As a young person, I was also fascinated by the buildings and design themes in large cities, which made me want to explore being an architect.

What is your favorite part of the design process?

My favorite part of the design process is brainstorming. I love the process of working with the client to learn about their organization and help them visualize what they want and need.

How are you creating vibrant communities through design?

I’m really passionate about helping communities renovate and build upon their existing public spaces. These changes are a catalyst for more positive experiences for the people living in our communities and they also foster community pride.

What makes Wisconsin a great place to live?

There is so much to do in Wisconsin – that’s my favorite part of living here. Between Lake Michigan, Milwaukee and the many state parks here, it’s easy to find something to enjoy.

Contact Info

Milwaukee Office
1135 South 70th Street, Suite 301
Milwaukee, WI 53214

414  200  9660

fast facts

Pet: Beans.

Drink: Spotted Cow Ale.

College Mascot: Panthers.

Hobby: Sketching.

Vacation: Up North.

Book: 2001: A Space Odyssey by Arthur Clarke

Binge: Seinfeld.

Team: Packers & Bucks.

Music: The Black Keys.

Breakfast: Cinnamon Rolls.

First Car: Ford Contour.

Holiday: 4th of July.

Project Highlights

  • Sioux City CSD Construction Trades
  • Ottawa Lake Bathhouses

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