Alaa Aldoss

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Oconomowoc Office
1241 Corporate Center Dr. 
Oconomowoc, WI 53066

262  968  2055

Alaa Aldoss

Associate AIA, Intern Architect

A little about me

Tell us what your go-to snack is that you hide in your desk at work … It is not really hidden… we have snacks jars that we refill with different snacks! But mainly pretzels and Chocolate, that is my favorite! And of course coffee at any time…

Tell us what you love the most about working at FEH DESIGN … The people at FEH Design!

I get to work with knowledgeable professionals who are excited about their profession and always give me the energy to pursue what I am passionate about and care about personal development. I also love the variety of projects and tasks I get to work on.

Tell us about your favorite hobby outside of the office … Outdoor activities… hiking, biking, and rollerblading; I am also learning to play the violin in my free time, which is one of my favorite instruments.

Tell us about your favorite project that you have worked on … Every project is special to me, and I either learn many technical skills, enjoy the design process, or get exposed to a new experience. Recently I have been working on animals exhibits for Menominee park zoo that I find very interesting to design a building for animals instead of people.