Aaron Davis

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Oconomowoc Office
1241 Corporate Center Drive,
Oconomowoc, WI 53066

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Aaron Davis

AIA, Managing Principal, Architect

A little about me

Tell us what/where is your favorite place to draw inspiration … I have two methods to help me think about things from different perspectives and think outside of the box.

I like to draw inspiration by taking a long walk and letting my mind wander.  I will play a mental game similar to the word association game, except I will do it with ideas, concepts, or form.   Then I try to think about how the non-associated concepts could be connected to create a new/different concept.   I find the constant change of scenery and blood flow helps to make connections and keep the ideas fresh.

I find a child’s curiosity and willingness for learning inspiring to me.  Since everything is new to kids, and they are continually learning, I like to implement a two-year-old strategy of continually asking why.  By doing this, you can boil a concept or belief down to its most rudimentary base.  I’m always surprised how often I have done or believed things without really understanding why.  Once you truly understand the root of your idea, you can be more intentional and transparent in your direction.

Tell us what your go-to snack is that you hide in your desk at work … In-shell peanuts for our 10 am peanut break

Tell us about your favorite hobby outside of the office … My favorite thing to do in my spare time is building and designing something I’ve never done before.  I am driven by the challenge of designing and building absolutely anything just for the simple reason that I’ve never done it before, and I think that it might be interesting.