Intern Architect

FEH Design; a multi-disciplinary Architecture, Structural Engineering and Interior Design firm is searching for a talented, driven, experienced new team member in our Sioux City, Iowa office to serve as a Full-time Architectural Intern.

What does an Architectural Intern do at FEH Design?  Pretty much everything.  This is your opportunity to learn every aspect of the Architecture business, we tend to take that to heart and include our intern’s in everything that we do.  We look to you to take initiative and grab hold of each of these opportunities!

Of course, a big part of your job will include Revit work, both modeling and red-line drafting.  This is critical to our work and key to each project.  And, we know that if you have recently graduated, you probably have a good grasp on 3D rendering, so you will get to do that too!

Beyond that, you will be an integral part of collaboration with all disciplines within each project team.  This means working with outside consultants and in office teams to keep a project moving successfully towards completion.  Our offices are organized in such a way that you will be working directly with our leadership team daily. 

Design is key to every part of our work; you will have opportunities to design spaces both as part of a team and individually.  Flushing out these designs through mentor or team member review along with code and ADA reviews will further allow you to hone your design skills. 

Attending client meetings will be critical to improving your communication skills.  We will expect you to be involved in these meetings, not simply an observer.  Get ready to show your people skills.

While you’re working with us, you need to be working towards your registration.  By keeping you involved in all our work aspects, we are ensuring you acquire the hours in each of the AXP categories needed to sit for the ARE exams.

As a project progresses through construction, you will go on site visits and attend construction meetings.  Seeing the construction process in action is key to becoming a good architect. 

Are you interested now to know how you get this job?  Here is the job application, answer these questions and submit to the e-mail address below. 

We have to ask, what is your degree and where did you go to school? 

But we really want to know:

How do you fit this job?

How do you fit FEH Design?

What vibe will you bring to the office?

What is your greatest professional strength (aka superpower)?

Send a resume if you have one. We won’t fault you if you don’t. We will want to see your portfolio (we know you worked hard on it).


FEH Design offers a competitive benefits package. We invite you to visit our website and/or our Facebook page to review our history and experience. If you have any questions or if you would like to submit your resume and qualifications, please contact Ron Speckmann ( 712.252.3889).

Years Experience 0 - 5 Years
Education RequirementsBachelors
Located Sioux City, Iowa
Type of PositionFull-Time